Welcome to the Blake Planetarium!

Built for 1,400 to 1,600 students, the Plymouth-Carver Intermediate School (now Plymouth Community Intermediate School) opened Jan. 3, 1973 for middle school students from the two neighboring towns. Complete with its own theater and television studio, the school boasted an open floor plan that could accommodate students in house formats. The school was also built with its own planetarium, just four years following the famous Apollo 11 moon landing mission when the first man, Neil Armstrong, walked on the moon.

The Blake Planetarium is capable of seating 60 guests. The projector, a Spitz 501 model, provides us with the ability to see the stars, planets and other deep space objects here in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The projector, which rises from a storage unit beneath the floor inside the Planetarium, is aptly named Phoenix.


The planetarium is managed by a Planetarium Instructor who has created and implemented, with the guidance of the Science Coordinator, curricula for grades K-8. The planetarium hosts classes from the Plymouth School district as well as other school districts on a daily basis during the school year.

Additionally, the Blake Planetarium has the ability to present multimedia productions. The Planetarium houses four LCD projectors, DVD players, a computer, and extensive sound system work, in addition to the Spitz projector.